Travis interviews Sook-Yin Lee about loss, the pandemic, and surviving the four walls of your own home for a year. Plus we discuss great films with a single location, Herman Hesse, cooking face masks in Instant Pots, and bad karaoke memories.

Recent Works

Death and Sickness (film) 2020. Written, directed, acted, produced, shot, recorded, edited and scored by Sook-Yin Lee and Dylan Gamble

Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz - “jooj two” (album) 2021



My Dinner With Andre (film) 1981. Directed by Louis Malle

Cube (film) 1997. Directed by Vincenzo Natali

Eyeball Theatre (television) early 2000s Shot, directed, edited, etc. by Sook-Yin Lee

Mary Timony (Musician)

Chantal Ackerman (Filmmaker)

My Year of Rest and Relaxation (Novel) 2018. Written by Ottessa Moshfegh

Herman Hesse (Author)

Instant Pot
Dumplings & More (Restaurant)
Francesco’s Sandwich (Restaurant)
Pan Pan Noodle (Restaurant)

Direct download: City_Slang_-_Sook-Yin_Lee.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:44pm EST

Travis and Emmanuel talk to the charming PHIL ELVERUM of THE MICROPHONES and MOUNT EERIE! We cover precisely why The Grateful Dead sucks, scoring free things at the dump, and nerding out over Eric's Trip.

Plus we get deep on Phil's highschool road trip across Canada, performing Smashing Pumpkins covers at open mics, and taking baby passport photos. An instant CITY SLANG classic.

Category:general -- posted at: 4:51pm EST

Travis talks to Patrick Flegel of CINDY LEE and WOMEN about obscure Japanese movies, which Cormac Mccarthy novels suck, and why pop music is boundless.

Direct download: CINDY_LEE.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:41pm EST

We've got Toronto's MOTORISTS on the show! We get sidetracked with an extensive discussion about Jim Carrey, and which cartoons were adapted from rated R movies... but then get into the meat of the episode: Motorists handpick a car-themed set list and give us the lowdown on each song.

Come for the Ace Ventura talk, stay for the deep cuts!

Direct download: MOTORISTS_-_EP_214_-_CITY_SLANG.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:32pm EST

We interview Detroit's Deadbeat Beat outside of Cinqhole in Ottawa!

We get deep into record nerd talk about King Crimson, Sparks, and 7" records with a single song on both sides. Plus we discuss shooting videos outside of nuclear power plants, and the time Deadbeat Beat got the best compliment possible from Robert Pollard!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:13am EST

Absolutely wild episode. After a surprise family reunion at a Woolworm/Necking show in Ottawa, we put both bands through the CITY SLANG questionnaire! We learn some wild first shows from Russia, a hilarious heckle from the Richmond Night Market, and a harrowing tale of stolen handsome sheet ghost at a Halloween party!

Direct download: WOOLWORM_VS_NECKING_-_EP_212_-_CITY_SLANG.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:06pm EST

Chris Murphy picks a set of three tunes, including Guided By Voices, The Kinks, The Velvet Underground, and Thrush Hermit!

Plus a story about the time Sloan played a Guided By Voices cover at a Guided By Voices show, and a bonus tune from Chris' band Tuns!


Guided By Voices Smothered in Hugs

The Kinks - Strangers

The Velvet Underground - She's My Best Friend

Thrush Hermit - All Dressed Up

Tuns - Look Whose Back In Town Again

Direct download: CSS_CHRIS_MURPHY_Mixdown_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:42pm EST

Chris Murphy of SLOAN joins us out of nowhere, invoked like a Canadian demon after we spoke about them during our 90s episode!

Emmanuel has a wide-ranging conversation with Chris about how his hardcore and punk past informed Sloan, their Nirvana crossover, the time Chris' baby was a fashion critic on Canadian Entertainment Tonight, and we find out who the line "it's not the band I hate/it's their fans" is about!

PLUS, Chris absolves Emmanuel of abandoning Sloan in his youth!

An absolutely essential interview, and one of the more revealing interviews you'll hear with Chris Murphy. That's a City Slang promise™

Category:general -- posted at: 10:07am EST

Big announcement! Emmanuel got a sweet new job like a total dummy, and it means from now on we're PODCAST-ONLY, and will no longer air on campus and community radio!

But we're not going anywhere, and we have a giant new episode for you out now!

Thanks for listening, and thanks to all the stations that supported us throughout the years!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_PEACE_AND_LOVE_edited.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:02am EST

A Mini Slang episode that got lost in the archive is resurrected! You might remember the amazing video for Tough Age's "Me in Glue" from a few months ago. Well, we loved it and got in touch with director Heather Rappard to discuss the video, her video for Old and Weird (a City Slang fave), and the time the only way out of making a bad video was to make an even shittier music video! It's a classic tale of directing.

Direct download: heather_rappard_mini_slang.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:14pm EST

In this bonus episode, Kait of BIG EYES picks a set of 3 tunes, including The Nice, and fellow Long-Islanders Blue Oyster Cult and The Lemon Twigs! Plus we put together a set inspired by our interview with Kait, including the Cheap Trick song that named her band, Hawkwind, Utopia, and a King Crimson song Travis thinks can make anyone like King Crimson!

Category:general -- posted at: 12:21pm EST

Kait Eldridge of BIG EYES joins us after her show at BLACK SQUIRREL BOOKS to discuss the obscure sci-fi she found, the historic event that nearly killed Cheap Trick in Ottawa, her unlikely gateway band, and we somehow discuss Magic: The Gathering on the show for the second time this year! An all-around nerdy episode with one of our fave guests!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_210_BIG_EYES_PODCAST_VERSION_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:27pm EST

In this CITY SLANG SELECTIONS bonus episode, last episode's guest Deliluh picks three tracks to play on the show! It's a wild set spanning the three genres of music: Country, Italian electronic, and Members of The Fall.

Direct download: deliluh_selects_no_theme.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:24pm EST

It's our 90s episode! A full hour of the most 90s indie/college/underground rock, including a big set of cancon classics, lesser known gems, and a monumental Australian alt-rock hit that will you probably haven't heard, but it's about to blow your mind! The whole episode is just an elaborate excuse to play it!

Plus lots of reminiscing about taped over VHSs and long-defunct MuchMusic programming.

We play these tunes:

Archers of Loaf - Icky Mettle - Web In Front
Eric's Trip - Peter EP - Happens All The Time
Sloan - Peppermint EP - Sugartune
Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb EP - You Got An Answer
Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb EP - Hated It
The Killjoys - Starry Today - I Hate Everyone 
Mystery Machine - 10 Speed - Brand New Song
hHead - Jerk - Answers
Doughboys - Crush - Fix Me

You Am I - Sound As Ever - Berlin Chair
Sebadoh - Bakesale - Careful
Sebadoh - Bakesale - Rebound
Superchunk - Here's Where The Strings Come In - Animated Airplanes Over Germany
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream - Mayonnaise

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_208_-_90S_EPISODE.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:08pm EST

DELILUH joins us to discuss ghosts, screwdriver toilets, playing in an abandoned subway station, what bands they'd boot off a cliff, and Michael Caine's coked out birthday!

PLUS, it's the episode where we win an award! The NCRA awarded us with the best Syndicated Radio Show at this year's NCRA awards for our tribute episode to Peter Eichhorn! Thanks to all the stations that syndicate us, all our listeners, and the NCRA!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_207_DELILUH_episode.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:24pm EST

Comic book artist Michael DeForge joins us to talk about sneaking Montreal icons into Adventure Time, Magic: The Gathering, karaoke strategies, and a hilarious story about meeting underground comix legends when he was 12!

Plus we play tunes from his punk band Moul D.!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_206_MICHAEL_DEFORGE_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:34pm EST

Less rock more Bach!

Emmanuel talks to neoclassical Pianist Alexandra Streliski about making classical music accessible, how DIY communities influenced her, and not wanting to work in the classical industry! Plus she picks a set of her influences, including Phillip Glass.

Category:general -- posted at: 12:36pm EST

Bleu Nuit join us to discuss their new album and formative late night Québécois TV! We talk French Simpsons, Bleu Nuit (the erotic TV series), and something NAMED "Call TV" that absolutely blows our minds! 

PLUS we call a special guest from the band Victime to fact-check the episode, including a disparaging claim about butt chugging!

It's some of the biggest laffs we've had recording an episode, and it's NOT TO BE MISSED!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_204_BLEU_NUIT_FULL2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:51pm EST

NOVEL join us from a ferry to Victoria! We untangle the Crack Cloud collective, talk about signature pies, band dogs, Tetsou The Iron Man, and taking “inspiration” from the Maxell cassette logo!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_203_NOVEL_FULL1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:04am EST

We talk to VICTIME live from a bathroom in Québec! 

We discuss their recent tour, NOT taking acid in the catacombs, how to get European punks to stop smoking indoors, and they walk us through how to successfully call out a festival for gender disparity!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_202_VICTIME_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:45am EST

The great MIKE KROL returns! One of our favourite guests joins us to discuss the burden of jean fits, what to do with a mannequin head of yourself, visiting Jack Black's house, and how to find the perfect explosion sound.

PLUS a comprehensive career update when our hard-hitting news segment "The Krol Report" returns!

Track list! 
Mike Krol Power Chords Power Chords
Mike Krol Power Chords Power Chords
Mike Krol I Hate Jazz Fifteen Minutes
Mike Krol Power Chords What's The Rhythm
Mike Krol Power Chords Left For Dead
Mike Krol Power Chords Blue And Pink
Mike Krol Trust Fund Plague
Mike Krol Power Chords Little Drama
Mike Krol Power Chords I Wonder
Mike Krol Power Chords Nothing To Yell About
Mike Krol Power Chords An Ambulance
Mike Krol Power Chords Wasted Memory
Mike Krol Power Chords The End

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_201_MIKE_KROL_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:10am EST

Steve Sidoli (Teenanger) joins us to discuss the label he co-runs, TELEPHONE EXPLOSION and their new ambient/new age/optimistic re-issue imprint MORNING TRIP.

Steve runs us through the re-issue process, the state of selling records in 2019, and what happens when you call out of the blue to ask someone about the music they recorded 20 years ago and forgot about. Sometimes they pitch you on paper records!

Category:general -- posted at: 3:11pm EST

PILL join us to discuss the secret history of the dog on their cover art, crashing a state-funded artist squat in Germany, the secret members of their band (Sheila 1 and 2), and introducing their supergroup parents at the MOMA! Plus Travis goes full-Narduar and we stumble on the Pill DOS game!

Plus we play these tunes:

Pill - Soft Hell - Dark Glass
Pill - Soft Hell - Fruit
Pill - Convenience - 100% Cute
Pill - Soft Hell - Double Think
Pill - Soft Hell - Plastic
Pill - Soft Hell - Midtown

Patrick Crowley - Afternooners - Surfside Sex
Lubricated Goat - Plays the Devil's Music - Nerve Quake

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_PILL_FULL_EPISODE.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:35am EST

It's our BEST OF 2018 EPISODE! Bask in some of the funnest moments of the year with some of our favourite people:

Peach Kelli Pop meets Danzig (with a Mike Krol cameo)
Prenup hang out with Colin Hanks (with a Queen Latifah cameo)
Lié gets Henry Rollins on the phone to chat with a boyfriend

BBQT discuss the worst time to get dumped
Nap Eyes give dubious and thorough fitness advice
Dead Soft expose Dirty Nil's hilarious tour workout

Faith Healer gives us more than we bargained for when we ask about Thunder Bay
Boyhood shares a heartbreaking bat story
Pony takes the Pinned To The Wall Pinterest food quiz

WLMRT swims into a concert to steal some beers
Chad Vangaalen wants to break into someone's house to steal back his Nintendo

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_198_-_BEST_OF_2018_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:25pm EST

Protomartyr returns! CITY SLANG correspondent Ev interviews Protomartyr frontman Joe Casey about working with other bands (including their Kim Deal collaboration), forgetting to write your lyrics down, hating the mosh pit, and learning your #1 fan is a nightmare kid.

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_197_-_PROTOMARTYR_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:48pm EST

Emmanuel and Travis make an impassioned fee for you to donate to the station that keeps us alive: CHUO 89.1FM! Listen and donate, it's easy and helps independent media!

Then Ottawa's own EXPANDA FUZZ take us track-by-track through their new self-released album, Cotton Candy Jet Engine!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_196_EXPANDA_FUZZ_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:30am EST

We chat with Shelby from WLMRT about CITY SLANG favorite topics like karaoke and The Simpsons, but we also learn about intestinal training, coffee shop celebrity encounters, and we start a new segment called Movie Corner. Shelby also shares an epic tale of sneaking in to a concert, stealing beers and ending up with a $500 dental bill. We play basically WLMRT's full discography including the brand new LUBE 2 EP out now on Pleasance Records!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_195_WLMRT_FULL_EPISODE.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:22pm EST

We call Nathaniel and Keeley of DEAD SOFT and discuss eating healthy on the road, the time they caught The Dirty Nil planking, living on Gabriola Island with hummingbirds, and their new EP on Arts and Crafts! Plus we get the first LIVE-ON-RADIO PARALLEL PARK in CITY SLANG history! 

We play these tunes:

Dead Soft - New Emotion - Kill Me
Dead Soft - New Emotion - Proof
Dead Soft - New Emotion - I'm Afraid
Dead Soft - New Emotion - Down
Dead Soft - New Emotion - Bones

Supercrush - I've Been Around - I've Been Around
Woolworm - Deserve To Die - Seer
Daddy's Hands - Daddy's Hands - Statistics Wigs

Expanda Fuzz - Cotton Candy Jet Engine - Ghosts And Flowers
Civic - Those Who No - Pleasure
Flesh Rag - Inside Your Mind - Inside Your Mind

Frigs - Single - Crop Circles
Dilly Dally - Heaven - I Feel Free

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_194_DEAD_SOFT_FULLmp3.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:32pm EST

We get right to dumping brand new music on everyone's heads this week. We play:

Marbled Eye - Leisure - Laughing Sound
Carbonas - Your Moral Superiors: Singles And Rarities - Blackout (Waiting To Happen)
Tommy & The Commies - Here Come... - Throwaway Love
School Damage - A to X - City Streets

Cold Leather - Smart Movies - Stunned
Nerve Beats - Nerve Beats - Pink on the C.C. Line
Deathsticks - Funny Ha Ha Cool - In The Motors
Jock Tears - Bad Boys - Neil Young
Institute - Beat Session Vol. 6 - Only Child
Booji Boys - Unknown Pleathers 7" - Kanadian Kontent
Constant Mongrel - Living In Excellence - Action
Dead Soft - Single - Kill Me
Weathered Statues - Borderlands - The Silver Cliff
Crack Cloud - Crack Cloud 7" - Drab Measure
Xarah Dion - Collision EP - Asphalt
Viagra Boys - Street Worms - Just Like You
Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams - Normal People
Direct download: CITY_SLANG_EP_193_-_NEW_MUSIC_FULL_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:07pm EST

We call Andrew of WALK A MILE RECORDS! We discuss why he started a record label, his master's thesis, and the story behind Sedition's vicious Papa John take down.

Plus Andrew picks a set of music including Gold Finch, Sedition, and Miles Between Us.

Direct download: MINI_SLANG_EP_6_-_WALK_A_MILE.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:43pm EST

Charlotte of LONELY PARADE returns to CITY SLANG! We rehash some McDonalds talk from the last time we spoke, plus we discuss nearly chopping her finger off making vegetarian food, Chicago regional foods (including a Malort flashback), Kim Kardashian hot dog stands, and more!

It's an accidentally food-focused episode (as usual)!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_192_LONELY_PARADE_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:37pm EST

Caylie of Boyhood joins us to talk about the nap blues, creepy critter stories, and what gift Nardwuar would gift her! Plus we make up a book recommendation segment called "Caylie's picks", and think up a Quantum Leap-style TV show!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_191_-_BOYHOOD_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:17am EST

Part 1 of Bonnie Doon's BACK IN THE USSA tour diary! Diarrhea talk, Sebadoh gossip, and an uber driver plays his Black Sabbath-inspired music!

Plus interviews with musicians Jeff Gallagher and Big Quiet!

Category:general -- posted at: 11:56am EST

We talk to Brittany of Vancouver's LIÉ as she packs for her bands tour!

We discuss the one perfect thing to pack on tour, the meaning of Cold Punk, playing to four people in Tijuana, and whether Taco Bell counts as a smoothie!

Plus we get a hilarious story about HENRY ROLLINS!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_190_-_LIE_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:57am EST

We catch up with BBQT at Ottawa Explosion! We play clips from our their previously un-airable interview, discuss about the worst holidays to get dumped on, and crying in Peter Criss make up!

Plus our interview gets crashed by Jarrett from TOUGH AGE and Allie from PEACH KELLI POP, who asks the band about their astrological signs ♒♌♏

Plus we play these tunes and a set of OTTAWA EXPLOSION bands:

BBQT - All For Show - Moldy Memory
BBQT - All Dressed - Your Band
BBQT - All For Show - OK Cupid
BBQT - All For Show - Heart Shaped Sticker
BBQT - All For Show - Why Can’t I Luv U
BBQT - All For Show - Quicksilver Boys Club
BBQT - BBQT - Doo Wah Diddy (PKP cover)

Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader - Black Magic
Tough Age - Shame - Everyday Life

Wares - Wares - Mission Hill
Feel Alright - In Bad Faith - Truth About Us
Laika’s Orbit - OXW Sampler - Ghosting
Victime - La Femme Taupe - Robot ou humain
Heathers - Midnight Is A Place - Linear Movement
Lonely Parade - No Shade - Window
Doxx - III - Stab Risk
Tightlip - Tight On Time - Secret Hate
Corridor - Supermercado - Coup d’épée
Sneaks - It’s A Myth - Hair Slick Back
Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_189_BBQT_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:02am EST

Travis talks to Nora Singh of LA's HIT BARGAIN! They talk about how American health care is like a heist movie, the true story behind Matt the trampling fetishist, the making of the butt plug shiv, and Travis fails to get dirt on Katy Perry!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_188_HIT_BARGAIN_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:22pm EST

In our latest MINI SLANG, Travis' hangover story is interrupted when Emmanuel calls James Lindsay of PLEASENCE RECORDS! They talk about the Pleasence Records podcast, the Canadian music industry, squashing Twitter beefs, and a music industry conspiracy nearly assassinates our guest! Plus we play some new music from the Pleasence label.

Category:general -- posted at: 4:22pm EST

Emmanuel and Travis dive into the depths of CHUO's vinyl vault, and spin an all-music show of 45 records! We combed through hundreds of records to bring you lost gems from the 90s, a totally burned out covers set, a sweet Factory records find, and more oddities! We take full credit for the inevitable revival of the The Freeze's "Paranoia" single after this episode.

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_187_VINYL_VAULT_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:37pm EST

In our latest MINI SLANG we call Alex Bourque of Montreal's EGG PAPER FACTORY label while he does laundry! We try to get dirt on a band for an upcoming interview, but Alex ends up dishing some fine dirt on Travis from his old grocery store job!

Category:general -- posted at: 3:14pm EST

Our clip-show tribute to vehicles! Some of our funniest stories come from broken down tour vans, improvised car repairs, and near-disaster train rides, so we've combined them into this mega episode featuring hilarious stories from:

Casper Skulls
Pop. 1280
Gun Outfit
Guantanamo Baywatch
Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_186_VEHICLE_PARTY_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:16am EST

SHITTY SLANG (our new free-wheeling between-episode show) gets renamed to MINI SLANG after extensive Listener Satisfaction feedback. Plus, we call Gina Vinelli from the band BONNIE DOON to tell crazy tales of the Doon Buggy in anticipation of next week's all-vehicle concept episode!

Direct download: MINI_SLANG_EP_2_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:58pm EST

Allie Hanlon of Peach Kelli Pop returns to CITY SLANG! We deep dive on spicy ramen, get Trader Joe essentials, and give Moms credit for being weird. Plus we get Allie's LA travel tips for broke people and millionaires, and we run through celebrity encounters with Chelsea Peretti, Marc Maron, and Michael Cera! And also a trip to Danzig's house with New Swears???

We play new tunes from the new Peach Kelli Pop EP and LP:

Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader - Honey
Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader - Black Magic
Peach Kelli Pop - Which Witch - Crooked & Crazy
Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader - Parasomnia
Peach Kelli Pop - Which Witch - Los Angeles
Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader - Quiet
Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader - Black Cat 13
Peach Kelli Pop - Which Witch - Drug Store’s Symbol of Happiness
Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader - King Size
Peach Kelli Pop - Which Witch - Pitch Black
Peach Kelli Pop - Which Witch - Shine
Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader - Don’t Push Me
Peach Kelli Pop - Which Witch - Rocky Mountains
Peach Kelli Pop - Peach Kelli Pop III - Sailor Moon (Theme)
Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader - Cherry (That’s Not Her Real Name)

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_185_PEACH_KELLI_POP_FULL_V2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:25pm EST

Introducing SH*TTY SLANG! We're changing up the CITY SLANG schedule to twice a month (for our sanity, and for the quality of the show)--But don't fret! SH*TTY SLANG is our new free-form nonsense show we'll be putting out between proper CITY SLANG episodes.

We wanna hear what you think! Is SHITTY SLANG an awful name? Should we have call ins? Do you want to host the show for a week? We can do whatever we want, and we're looking forward to straight goofing off in the studio every two weeks!

PLUS this week we play a preview of our Peach Kelli Pop interview, and a set of tunes inspired by the band!

Direct download: SHITTY_SLANG_-_EP_1_PKP_PREVIEW.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:34pm EST

This week we talk to Saskatoon's THE AVULSIONS about levels of swearing, starting beef with Elon Musk, Mennonite-Chinese restaurants, and we fail to learn about the gems of Saskatoon! Plus we get hot takes on Dave Mustaine and The Simpsons sucking!

And stay tuned until the end of the episode to hear us call the band back to ask about a GREAT previous band name!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_184_THE_AVULSIONS_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:52am EST

All Canadian music, all hour! We play new Canadian tunes, a set of Saskatoon bands picked by THE AVULSIONS, a set of French music, a four-band split featuring WLMRT & Deathsticks, and music from St. John's Newfoundland!

The Avulsions - Expanding Program - BOB
Freak Heat Waves - Beyond XXXL - Toxic Talk Show
Rhythm of Cruelty - Dispossession - Dispossession

Caves - Young Adult Contemporary - Deep Beige
Chunder Buffet - Cesspool - Obvious
Waitress - Delay Our Time - Crome Cande

WLMRT - 4 Band Split - I Quit Jack Astors
Deathsticks - 4 Band Split - I Named My Ulcer After You
Nüshu - 4 Band Split - Génération Nomophobe
Nightbummerz - 4 Band Split - Assembly

Victime - La Femme Taupe - Fatigue
Bleu Nuit - Bleu Nuit - Vaguess
Essaie Pas - New Path - Complet Brouillé

Yee Grlz - Brainwashed - Stop Bothering Me
Conditioner - Conditioner - Alright
Lo Siento - Bingo Bango - No Tengo Remedio
Ribbon Tied - Past Finding Out - Someone

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_183_FULL_1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:06am EST

Chad VanGaalen returns to the show! We revisit his daughter's psychic bug connection, get gardening advice, talk bee culture and offsetting toilet flushes!

Plus Chad implores animators to quit for their health, we discuss building robots with the Jim Henson Company, and get to the bottom of his missing copy of Puzznic for the NES!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_182_CHAD_VANGAALEN_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:52am EST

We talk to Nigel of NAP EYES, and get health tips for listeners, find out what anime he's watching, and get deep about Legend of Zelda's Dark Link! Plus we discuss Nap Eyes mega fan Marc Maron and Nigel struggles to rank his favourite Green Day albums!

We play these tunes:

Nap Eyes - I’m Bad Now - Every Time The Feeling
Nap Eyes - I’m Bad Now - I’m Bad
Nap Eyes - I’m Bad Now - Judgment
The Mighty Northumberland - Single - Dark Link

Nap Eyes - Whine of the Mystic - Dark Creedence
Nap Eyes - I’m Bad Now - Roses
Nap Eyes - I’m Bad Now - You Like To Joke Around With Me
Nap Eyes - Thought Rock Fish Scale - Click Clack
Nap Eyes - I’m Bad Now - Dull Me Line

Green Day - Insomniac - No Pride

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_181_NAP_EYES_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:53pm EST

All music episode this week, as we showcase 4 labels from around the world! (But mostly Canada). Lots of punk rock, techno, and weird ambient. Featured music:


La Vida Es Un Mus (London, UK)
Rixe - Promo Tape - Les Cents Pas
Haram - When You Have Won, You Have Lost - The Prophet
Patsy - LA Women - Count It On Down
Limp Wrist - Facades - Don’t Want You

Pleasance Records (Toronto, ON)
J Blissette - Until I Go Blind - A Series of Observations
Fake Palms - Pure Mind - I’m Not There
Moon Eyed - Haleiwa - Highway Night Drive
Man Made Hill - Fingertip - My Accoutrements

Neck Chop (Fullerton, California)
Gee Tee - Death Race EP - Death Race
Knowso - Look At The Chart - White Science
The Living Eyes - Modern Living - Better Think Again
Paroxoteens - Color T.V. - Paroxoteens

Low Noise Production
Clint House - Wantaway EP - Give Me Your Answers
Young Truck - Ambivalent II - Sette
CMD - Wavecraft - Juno Chronicles

Pseudo Laboratories (Edmonton)
k. burwash - Moonlanding - Hadley Rille
Soft Ions - Soft Ions - Hunger Weeks

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_180_LABEL_SHOWCASE_FULL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:08pm EST

Jessica Jalbert of Faith Healer talks to us about SKA SECRETS FROM HER PAST, fear of make up, conquering karaoke, Riverdale (like all our Mint Records interviews), and dog geniuses! Plus Jessica helps Travis decipher interview notes about her!

We play these tunes:

Faith Healer - Try ;-) - & Waiting
Faith Healer - Try ;-) - Might As Well
Faith Healer - Try ;-) - Light Of Loving
Faith Healer - Try ;-) - Try ;-)
Faith Healer - Try ;-) - Sterling Silver

Faith Healer - Try ;-) - Such a Gemini
Faith Healer - Try ;-) - 2nd Time
Faith Healer - Try ;-) - Sufferin' Creature
Faith Healer - Cosmic Troubles - Again
Faith Healer - Try ;-) - Best Saved 4 Last

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_179_FAITH_HEALER_FULL.mp3
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Sara Jean Hughes (music video director) and Josiah Hughes (co-host of Blink 155) of the band PRE NUP join us on the show! They discuss their recent trip to Sundance, awkward chats with David Wain, a near-miss encounter with tom DeLonge, and the time a home visit from Colin Hanks lead to the dissolution of an artisinal popcorn store and Queen Latifah's TV show!

Plus we play these tunes:

Pre Nup - Pre Nup - Wrong Your
Pre Nup - Pre Nup - Air Quotes
Pre Nup - Pre Nup - Defending Your Life
Pre Nup - Pre Nup - Cleansing Flood
Pre Nup - Oh Well (Unreleased LP) - The Grudge

C.H.E.W. - Post-Trash: Volume Three - Bread and Butter
Booji Boys - Post-Trash: Volume Three - PC Friends Forever
Mauno - Post-Trash: Volume Three - Keys
Grim Streaker- Post-Trash: Volume Three - Freak Child

Sally Dige - Holding On - Holding On
Azar Swan - Savage Exile - Heavy Water

Утро - Утро - Спесь
Aus - Demo - Abgemacht
Beta Boys - Brick Walls 7” - Brick Walls

The Spook School - Could It Be Different? - Less Than Perfect
The Spook School - Could It Be Different? - Bad Year

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We talk to Sam from Toronto's PONY! We discuss her TV obsession, (including the Shrek spinoff we all know and love, Shrek's Swamps Stories), the worst songs that have made her cry, and we test her on her Pinterest pinned recipes in a segment called PINNED TO THE WALL!

Plus we play these tunes:

Pony - Do You - I Don't Know
Pony - Do You - Healthy Brain
Pony - Do You - Monster
Pony - Do You - Fingernails
Pony - Do You - Small Things

Freak Heat Waves - Beyond XXXL - Self Vortex
Anwar Sadat - Ersatz Living - No Exit
Idles - Brutalism - Mother

Salad Boys - This Is Glue - Psych Slasher
Total Control - Laughing at the System - Future Creme
Death Of Lovers - The Acrobat - Perfect History

Drab Majesty - The Demonstration - Dot In The Sky

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Our tribute to Peter Eichhorn of P. Trash Records. Featuring tracks from P. Trash artists and thoughts from:

Steve Adamyk (Steve Adamyk Band, Sedatives)
Rob Seaton (Statues, Der Faden)
Ian Manhire (Sedatives, The White Wires)
Eric Daigle (Fear of Lipstick, Feral Trash)
Dave Williams (Sedatives, Year Zero, Last Communion, Steve Adamyk Band)
Ilona (The Dagger Eyes)
Patrick (Hosehead Records)
Eric (FDH Records)

We play:

Statues - New People Make Us Nervous - The Last Stand
The Toyotas - Made Headlines - T.V. Injection
Fear of Lipstick - Seasons - Memel
Year Zero - Year One - Seasons
Idle Hands - Postponed - Vacant Stare
The Dagger Eyes - The Dagger Eyes - Vampire
Latex Squad - 7” - Black Birds Having Fun
Sedatives - 7” - Teenage Runaway

And new tracks from:
Dazey and the Scouts - Maggot - Groan
Shopping - The Official Body - Wild Child
PONY - Single - Alone Tonight

Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens - Six Wave Hold-Down
The Men - Drift - Maybe I’m Crazy
Death of Lovers - The Acrobat - Ursula in B Major
Moon Duo - Jukebox Babe/No Fun 12” - No Fun

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New segment: DECADES! We pick the best songs from every relative decade working from 2018! So songs from 1978/1988/1998/2008! It’s really quite easy to understand, okay? Stop asking questions!
We discuss what we might have listened to if we weren’t unborn/babies in the 70s and 80s, and get really deep into which of our favorite teenage music still gives us embarrassment chills! Plus Travis challenges everyone to a twitter fight over Isn’t Anything being a better album than Loveless!
Hit us up with your own Decades picks on Twitter, @cityslangradio.
We play these tunes:
Rich Kids - Ghosts of Princes in Towers - Ghosts of Princes in Towers
Tubeway Army - Tubeway Army - Listen to the Sirens
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - No New York - Burning Rubber
Crass - The Feeding of the 5000 - Punk Is Dead

Youth Of Today - We’re Not In This Alone - No More
Doughboys - 7” - You’re Related
My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything - When You Wake You're Still In a Dream
Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation - ‘Cross The Breeze

Botch - American Nervoso - Hutton’s Great Heat Engine
Saves The Day - Can’t Slow Down - Deciding
Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children - ROYGBIV
Blonde Redhead - In an Expression of the Inexpressible - Luv Machine

Jay Reatard - See Saw / Screaming Hand
Carbonas - Self-Titled - Phone Booth
Women - Women - Shaking Hand
Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna - Vacuum
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First episode back of 2018! We speak to Petra Glynt while she paints to talk about all kinds of delightful things: her new puppy, favourite musicals, and good good food. We also talk about a harrowing experience getting stuck at a UK immigration detainment centre.

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Canadian music legend Julie Doiron joins us for a special hour-long interview! We discuss kids, the meditation of doing dishes, kale salad recipes, her time as a community radio host, and Julie Doiron Day!

Plus we run her through the Sappyfest Questionnaire she invented, and we ask her to rate the CITY SLANG questionnaire with hilarious results!

And we play tunes from throughout her career:

Julie and the Wrong Guys - Self-Titled - Call My Own Shots
Eric’s Trip - Peter - Happens All The Time
Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars - Self-Titled - The Best Thing For Me
Julie and the Wrong Guys - Self-Titled - Love and Leaving

Eric’s Trip - Forever Again - My Chest is Empty
Julie and the Wrong Guys - Self-Titled - You Wanted What I Wanted
Julie and the Wrong Guys - Self-Titled - Condescending You
Weird Lines - Self-Titled - Between The Lampost (You and I)
Julie and the Wrong Guys - Self-Titled - Broken Pieces Barely Cold

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Toronto's WHIMM join us in-studio to expound on their musical roots, influences, and process! Emmanuel creates a post-punk soundscape of their music to accompany it! It’s a psychedelic CITY SLANG, with less of the hosts talking (you’re welcome).

Plus we play these tunes, including a bunch of electronic music and a new song from TOTAL CONTROL:

Whimm - A Stare Ajar - Town Hall
Whimm - A Stare Ajar - A Stare Ajar
Whimm - A Stare Ajar - Crescent
Whimm - A Stare Ajar - Fifth Column
Whimm - A Stare Ajar - Second Sound
Whimm - A Stare Ajar - Undermine

Total Control - Laughing At The System - Laughing At The System 1
The Vicious - Obsessive 7” - Dead Town
The New Calling - 12” - The New Calling

Love Cuts - Love Cuts - Hi Smile Wave
Moul D. - Demo CS - Problems at Work

Odonis Odonis - No Pop - Check My Profile
BODYKIT - No-NRG - Exploded World View
Carla Dal Forno - The Garden - We Shouldn’t Have to Wait (London)

Boyharsher - Lesser Man - Pain

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It’s funding drive season! We work our butts off to make CITY SLANG. If you dig what we do consider, supporting our mother station CHUO to make sure we stay on the air FOREVERRRR! Head over to to find out how.
Meanwhile, we’ve put together an early BEST OF to remind you of all the ridiculous things we got on the air this year! Featuring:
  • The time we interviewed SIMPLY SAUCER/JESSE LOCKE at our Dominion Tavern live show and got heckled by drunken punks!
  • The time we went on an S-Town style odyssey with MOTHERHOOD!
  • The bonkers CITY SLANG BE OUR GUEST CONTEST when we surprised BONNIE DOON member Gina Vinelli!
  • QUIZ CHALLENGES featuring JAY ARNER & JESSICA DELISLE taking a Star Trek quiz, and LAB COAST taking a Degrassi quiz!
  • The time we premiered PENTAGON BLACK VOL. 2 and musicians across Canada sent us hilarious recordings to intro their tracks!
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All music all hour! We ordered too many good new tunes, so this week is a music fire sale! Hear set of new emo, a super chill set of tunes we wouldn’t normally play on the show, a new tape segment, and a set of French punk!
We play all those tracks and more:
Caracara - Summer Megalith - Burn Me I’m Made of Matches
Racquet Club - Racquet Club - Blood on The Moon
Iron Chic - You Can’t Stay Here - A Headache With Pictures
Bless - Bless 7” - You’re Always On TV
Dog - Trash Temple - Ninth Gate to Deep Reservoir
The Brain - First Steps - Too Much To Dream
Porches - The House - Country
Grouper - Unreleased - Children
Fear of Men - Unreleased - Change Me
U-Nix - 8 Songs - Star
U-Nix - 8 Songs - Implicated
U-Nix - 8 Songs - Vapidity
Quicksand - Interiors - Illuminant
Superchunk - What A Time To be Alive - What A Time To Be Alive
Frigs - Single - Doghead
Durs Coeurs - Dur Dur Dur - L’eau et le feu
Scientists - Single - Mini, Mini, Mini
Essaie Pas - Single - Futur Parlé
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Josée and Lucy of PARTNER join us this week for a hilarious episode! We discuss Partner fanfic, get lectured on making prank phone calls, and learn about a labyrinthine prank spearheaded by NEW SWEARS that led Partner on a journey of discovery! Weed discovery!

Plus we play these tunes:

Partner - In Search Of Lost Time - Comfort Zone
Partner - In Search Of Lost Time - Everybody Knows
Partner - In Search Of Lost Time - You Don’t Have To Say Thank You
Partner - In Search Of Lost Time - Gross Secret
Partner - In Search Of Lost Time - Daytime TV
Partner - In Search Of Lost Time - Creature In The Sun

BLAHA - Fresh Horse EP - All My Cells
Jim and the French Vanilla - Afraid of the House - When You’re Down
The Blind Shake - Soft Zodiac - Wise Mr Owl

Omni - Multi-Task - Equestrian
Supercrush - I Don’t Want To Be Sad Anymore 7” - I Don’t Want To Be Sad Anymore
First Base - Not That Bad - Not That Bad

Uniform - No Trending - Crystal World
Uniform - Wake In Fright - Tabloid

Haram -  When You Have Won, You Have Lost - American Police

Shamir - On The Regular (Josée from Partner)
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This week, we interview WALTER SCHREIFELS of Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Quicksand, Rival Schools and Dead Heavens! Travis isn't punk enough, so we bring in a ringer to help Emmanuel with the interview: Brit of PRISM on CHUO!

Plus we play new tunes, and a C86 tape segment on Dark Thoughts:
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today - Degradation
Dead Heavens - Adderall Highway - Adderall Highway
Quicksand - Slip - Dine Alone
Rival Schools - United By Fate - High Acetate
Quicksand - Slip - Omission
Rival Schools - United By Fate - Used For Glue 
Radiator Hospital - The Songs You Like - The People At The Show
Bully - Losing - Running
Rubber Mate - Cha Boi 7” - Cha Boi

Dark Thoughts - Halloween Tape - No Good
Dark Thoughts - Halloween Tape - Don’t Wanna
Dark Thoughts - Halloween Tape - Hate This Song
Dark Thoughts - Halloween Tape - Little Thing
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Happy Halloween! Join our despicable hosts Emmanu-kill Slayer and Sadist Boo-venue for the spookiest Halloween punk playlist of the year! Turn the lights down low and the volume up high, and don't get too scared listening this weekend. We play these frightening tunes:

The Mystrys - Witch Girl
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Bo Diddley - Bo Meets The Monster
Anasazi - Horror at the Mass
The Sonics - Witch
Dead Moon - Walking On My Grave
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
The Mummies - The Fly

Lord Luther - I Was a Teenage Creature
The Madmen - Haunted
Five Man Electrical Band - Werewolf
Lords of The New Church - New Church
Zombi - Surface to Air
DA! - Dark Rooms
Gene ‘Bowlegs’ Miller - Frankenstein Walk

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We talk to Jasmyn from Toronto's WEAVES about cruise ships, getting tour tattoos, Criss Angel's fedora, and seeing live magic!

Plus a spotlight on Digital Regress and these tunes:

Weaves - Wide Open - Walkaway
Weaves - Wide Open - Number 53
Weaves - Wide Open - Slicked
Weaves - Wide Open - La La
Weaves - Wide Open - Gasoline

Preening - Beeters 7” - Plaza Scare
Mane - Alpha Female - White Knuckles
Rut - Attraction 7” - My Skin

Deliluh - Linger In The Afterlight - Hail The Fix
Trampoline Team - Drug Culture 7” - I Don’t Play Games
Casper Skulls - Mercy Works - You Can Call Me Allocator

Odonis Odonis - No Pop - Nasty Boy

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METZ return to CITY SLANG to discuss Steve Albini’s Facebook obsession, METZ super fan Keanu Reeves, and redefining Dad rock!

METZ - Strange Peace - Mess Of Wires
METZ - Strange Peace - Cellophane
METZ - Strange Peace - Lost in the Blank City
METZ - Strange Peace - Mr Plague
METZ - Strange Peace - Common Trash

Chad Vangaalen - Light Information - Mind Hijacker's Curse
Organ Eyes - single - Mike Myers
Tough Age - Shame - Me In Glue

Lone Taxidermist - Trifle - Bijoux Boy
Neo Neos - The Hammer of Civilization EP - The Hammer of Civilization
The Monoliths - The Monoliths - Feeling Geography

Lina Tullgren - Won - Face Off

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We have Jay, Jessica, Adrienne, and Kate of JAY ARNER! We discuss eating tubes, Jay's seasonal allergies, the scale of parody music (from They Might Be Giants to Dr. Demento), and Jay and Jess are subjected to a HARROWING Star Trek: The Next Genderation Quiz that will no doubt alienate most of our audience! It's a great one!

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Too much good music in Ottawa. Here's part 2 of our local music spotlight, plus new tunes from around the world.

Steve Adamyk Band - Graceland - Carry On
Cheap Whine - S/T - A Little Change
Potential Red - Broken - Broken
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - Panty Twister
The Creeps - Eulogies - Reach Out

Tightlip - Demo MMXVII - Don’t Care
New Swears - and the Magic of Horses - Vanilla
DJ Smoke Weed Guy - Fantasy Island - Space Invasion
Pippa - Single - Off It

Fake Palms - Pure Mind - Glass Walls
Moon Eyed - Haleiwa - Heart in The Shade
WHIMM - A Stare Ajar - Town Hall

Metz - Strange Peace - Cellophane
Zola Jesus - Okovi - Exhumed
King Krule - 7" - Dum Surfer

Makthaverskan - III - In My Dreams
Dasher - Sodium - We Know So

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It’s our back-to-school music spotlight featuring our favorite new Ottawa releases! Plus some new weird tunes, and Emmanuel and Travis discuss the best skit on the new Partner album! Skits are back!
Lake Urmia - Wine Time - Walnut Tree
Boyhood - Bad Mantras - He Don’t
No Mistakes In Space - No Mistakes In Space
Organ Eyes - Single - Chasing Paper
Telecomo - For Sale - Long Gone
Warp Lines - Demo - You Have Worms
Sparklesaurus - Single - So Right
Empty Nesters - Get Zen
Deathsticks - Deathsticks/Right Shitty split - Buzzkill

Deerhoof - Mountain Moves - Slow Motion Detonation
Woolworm - Deserve to Die - Judgement Day
Partner - In Search of Lost Time - Ambassador to Ecstasy

Anxiety - Wild Life 7" - Lizard Lads Under a Rock
Tracy Bryant - Parachute 7" - Parachute
Maximum Joy - I Can't Stand It Here On Quiet Nights: Singles 1981-82 - White and Green Place (Extraterrestrial Mix)

Oneohtrix Point Never - Good Time - The Pure and the Damned ft Iggy Pop
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WEEDRAT from Albuquerque, New Mexico join us on the show! We talk about Ginger the cat, celebrity sightings at Whole Foods (including Rob Schneider, and Bono eating chicken with his hands), and the perfect day in Albuquerque!

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Best of the Rest vol 3! CITY SLANG presents The best goofs, gaffes, and oddball interview bits that hit the cutting room floor, presented to you in their full unnecessary glory!

This episode includes:

Alex Calder discussing cult SNES game Earthbound
BBQT encounter Tinder music critics
Casper Skulls talk about their harrowing worst show
Lonely Parade on being childhood friends
Dunes take the brutal X-Files quiz
Hooded Fang deal with music critic kids
Needles//Pins on getting a karaoke party started with Shania Twain
Tough Age discuss their appearance on the sexy Archie show

Plus we play these tunes:

Alex Calder - Strange Dreams - Strange Dreams
BBQT - Demo - High Wasted (Live)
Casper Skulls - Lips & Skull - Devotion
The Lonely Parade - No Shade - Window
Dunes - Bedtime - I'm so…
Hooded Fang - Dynasty House - Queen of Agusan
Needles//Pins - Good Night, Tomorrow - Good Night

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The fake punk episode! Emmanuel watched his VHS copy of Sid and Nancy again and was infected by his 100% true punk alter-ego, Skid Vicious! Skid put together a playlist of dubiously punk music and harasses Travis the entire show.

We play these tunes:

Village People - Renaissance - Food Fight

Norman and The Hooligans - Single - I’m A Punk
The Rude Band - Single - I’m a Punk
Geiger - BINGO French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981 - Je Suis Punky

Stefan - BINGO French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981 - J’Suis Pas Méchant

Sexe a Pile - BINGO French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981 - Pas Vraiment Méchan
Fancy Rosy - BINGO French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981 - Punk Police

Not The Nine O’Clock News - Single - Gob On You
Andy C - Single - I Want To Be A Punk Rocker
Charlie Drake - Single - Super Punk

T-Rex - Single - Celebrate Summer

Johnny Rubbish - Single - Living in NW3 4JR
Cherry Vanilla - Single - The Punk
Kevin Short & His Privates - Single - Punk Strut

David Peel and Death - King of Punk - King of Punk

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Our hungriest episode yet!! We talk to April and Daniel of HOODED FANG and PHÈDRE about missing lunch, meeting majestic white tigers, finding religion after eating bad oysters, and the worst times to catch the Wu-Tang Clan!

Plus we play these tunes:

Hooded Fang - Dynasty House - Queen of Agusan
Hooded Fang - Dynasty House - Sister and Suns
Hooded Fang - Dynasty House - Nene of the Light
Hooded Fang - Dynasty House - Paramaribo Prince
Hooded Fang - Dynasty House - Doñamelia

Ken Park - You Think About It Too Much - He said I'm an Island (I won't try and find him)
Above Top Secret - Above Top Secret -LION
Tonkapuma + Times Neue Roman - Gory Daze - Slow Motion
Phèdre - Golden Age - Ancient Nouveau

Cheap Whine - Cheap Whine - Opening
Cell - Demo 7" - Contempt

Faith Healer - Try ;-) - Light of Loving
Guerilla Toss - GT Ultra - Betty Dreams of Green Men

Lee Paradise - Water Palace Kingdom - Honourific

Rat Boys - GN - Control
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We talk to CASPER SKULLS outside the Ottawa Explosion festival! After witnessing a minor fender bender, we discuss the time they hit a deer (the same deer FLASHER hit in episode 140?!), the alt-right's most hated venue, and working in the lard business!
Plus we play these tunes:

Casper Skulls - Lips & Skull - Lips and Skull
Casper Skulls - Lips & Skull - Devotion
Casper Skulls - Lips & Skull - Errands
Casper Skulls - Lips & Skull - Love Brain
Casper Skulls - Lips & Skull - Caught On A Wire

XETAS - The Tower - The Jaws
Taiwan Housing Project - Veblen Death Mask - Authentic Alien Perfume
C3I Hate Sex - World of Grief - Weird Dream, Conscious Stream
Animal I - Blank Square - Empty Head

B-Boys - Dada - Discipline
Institute - Subordination - Good Ol Boys
Booji Boys - S/T - I Dream of Booji
Booji Boys - S/T - Waiting 2 Die

Chastity Belt - I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone - It's Different Now

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_157_CASPER_SKULLS_FULL_1.mp3
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Macey of NEEDLES//PINS joins us to talk about running Budgie's Burritos, Prince tattoos, karaoke playlists, and which Blondie song is about getting bit on the ass by a dog!
Plus we play these tunes:

Needles//Pins - Good Night, Tomorrow - Good Night
Needles//Pins - Good Night, Tomorrow - Violet
Needles//Pins - Good Night, Tomorrow - Back To The Bright
Needles//Pins - Good Night, Tomorrow - Sleep
Needles//Pins - Good Night, Tomorrow - All The Same
Needles//Pins - Good Night, Tomorrow - Tomorrow

Teenanger - Teenager - Dawn - 3:53
Chad VanGaalen - Single - Old Heads
Corridor - Supermercado - Demain Déjà

Stef Chura - Messes - Slow Motion
ISS - Endless Pussyfooting - HOT BOI
Weedrat - III - Dead Horse
Voigt/465 - Slights Still Unspoken (Selected Recordings 1978-1979) - A Welcome Mystery

Sheer Mag - 7” - What You Want
Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_156_-_NEEDLES_PINS_FULL.mp3
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We talk to Ottawa's BONNIE DOON from outside their record launch show at the Record Centre! Find out who gave birth to twins on stage, and why they couldn't escape an escape room! Then we conduct a comprehensive history of every food that ever appeared on the BONNIE DOON instagram!
Plus we play these tunes, and bands playing at Ottawa Explosion:

Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - Haunted Life
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - Pants and a Face
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - High Noon
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - Sandy's Song
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - Now or Neverish
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - Panty Twister
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - Ghost Story
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - Messy // Clean
Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner - B Hole

BBQT - OXW 2017 Sampler - High Wasted (Live)
Dunes - OXW 2017 Sampler - I'm so…
Empath - OXW 2017 Sampler - The Eye

Feel Alright - OXW 2017 Sampler - A Lengthy End to a Bullfight
Lake Urmia - OXW 2017 Sampler - June
Nice Try - OXW 2017 Sampler - Restart

Ruth Grader - OXW 2017 Sampler - Eighth Tunnel

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_155_-_JUN_7_FULL.mp3
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Calgary's THE SHIVERETTES are on the show, live from a traffic jam! We get some solid keg stand advice, signing other band's T-shirts, karaoke strategies, and the time they ate spite burgers with the LAPD!

Plus they pick some stuck-in-traffic classics to play!

We play these tunes:

The Shiverettes - Single - Stephen Harper Suck My Dick
The Shiverettes - Dead Men Can’t Cat Call - Broken Record
The Shiverettes - Dead Men Can’t Cat Call - Betty
The Shiverettes - Dead Men Can’t Cat Call - Missing Stair
The Shiverettes - Dead Men Can’t Cat Call - Obsessed
The Shiverettes - Dead Men Can’t Cat Call - Justice Robin Camp
The Shiverettes - Dead Men Can’t Cat Call - Dead Men Can’t Cat Call

Shellshag - More Survival Tips From The Bay - Hello My Name Is
Swim Team - Swim Team - Reanimator
Laika’s Orbit - unreleased  - Ghosted

Empty Nesters - Demos - To The Dregs (Wavves Cover)
Future Girls - Unreleased- At It Again
Pretty Pretty - Demos II - Delusion Dream

B-52s - S/T - 52 Girls
Doug and the Slugs - Cognac and Bologna - Too Bad

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_154_THE_SHIVERETTES_FULL.mp3
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Travis interviews LAB COAST! We talk about the worst moments of the Calgary Stampede, the return of CD binders, a bizarrely detailed synopsis of former Wallflowers drummer Matt Chamberlin's career, plus a DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH QUIZZ OFF!

And we play these tunes:

Martha - BTJR split 7" - The Historian
Benny The Jet Rodriguez - Martha Split 7" - In Love
Wonk Unit - Feel The Wonkness - You Married a Tortured Genius
Generacion Suicida - Sombras - Desconexion

Pale Kids - Holy Mess 7"- The Binder's Chills
Kuken - Küken LP - I'm Not a Fuck Up
Violence Creeps - Ease The Seed Bag 7" - Backhand

Viagra Boys - Call of the Wild - Upside Backwards

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_153_LAB_COAST_FULL.mp3
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Emmanuel goes to-to-toe with Motherhood in the great CITY SLANG BOWL-OFF at a local bowling alley! 

The band tells the story of an elevator survivalist who has to drink pee, gas hoarding rottweilers, and gives an update about the mysterious ORB GUY from our Lonely Parade episode!

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_152_MOTHERHOOD_FULL.mp3
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Halifax band CROSSED WIRES take the CITY SLANG Questionnaire and we talk about dealing with the Green Day era you get stuck with! Plus we find out about Palm Bay hangovers, Kit Kat shortages, and dealing with bing bing club owners.

We play these tunes:

Crossed Wires - False Spring - S.A.D. - 2:56 - CC
Crossed Wires - False Spring - Cornered - 2:38 - CC
Crossed Wires - False Spring - Jinx - 3:20 - CC
Crossed Wires - False Spring - New Year - 3:06 - CC
Crossed Wires - Split w/ Creep Wave - You’re Standing On My Neck
Crossed Wires - Self-Titled -  Can’t Say No

Gen Pop - Off Screen - The Wall
Milk Music - Mystic 100's - Dare to Exist
Chastity Belt - Single - Caught in a Lie

Empty Heads - Normality - Peeled Back
Unfun - Waterboarding - Death Majesty
Super Crush - I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore - How Does It Feel (To Feel Like You)?

Tinsel Heart - Hey Boyfriend! EP - Wasted Yet Sad
Uranium Club - 7” - Who Made The Man

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CITY SLANG Radio is proud to premiere the latest cross-Canada beast PENTAGON BLACK COMPILATION NO. 2!
The brand new double-sided 20x30" newsprint poster/download features exclusive new tunes from 24 of the best DIY bands in the country! It's a follow up to last year's Pentagon Black Compilation No. 1.
CITY SLANG's Pentagon Black mega episode features every song on the comp along with unhinged introductions personally recorded by each band. PLUS an interview with Raymond and Drew of THE FAMINES/PENTAGON BLACK, the duo behind the compilation series.
Go to for a full track list, a list of record release shows where you can see killer bands and buy your own Pentagon Black Compilation No. 2 for $10. Plus you can watch check out three music videos launching along with the compilation! ENJOY!
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A very special LIVE episode featuring the legendary Edgar Breau of SIMPLY SAUCER! In front of an understanding audience of our adoring fans at the Dominion Tavern, we host a live Q&A with Heavy Metalloid Writer Jesse Locke (drummer of Simply Saucer, Tough Age, Century Palm, and more) and his subject Edgar Breau!
We discuss Simply Saucer's storied history of scuba gear, playing proms, tube-hugging Ray Davies, and threatening radio stations into playing The Kinks!
Plus we play these tunes:
Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited - Instant Pleasure
Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited - Bullet Proof Nothing
Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited - Dance The Mutation
Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited - Electro Rock
Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited - Illegal Bodies
Halfsour - Charm School - Ten Year Tenure
Lillith - Apology Plant - Nickname
Littler - Bad Hand 7" - Running Hot
Kindling - Everywhere Else - Black Eye
Vagabon - Infinite Worlds - Minneapolis
Meat Wave - The Incessant - No Light
Lab Coast - Remember The Moon - Bored Again
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Sarah of LEATHER JACUZZI gives us a hilarious track-by-track breakdown of LEATHER JACUZZI lyrics, including some speculative historical beer fiction, medically accurate pee tasting, and more!

Plus lots of new new songs, and music in support of Our First 100 Days!

We play these tunes:

Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots - Check My Piss
Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots - Flush The Beer (The Cops Are Here)
Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots - Don't Touch Me (I'm A Punk)
Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots - Sarah's Little Sweeties
Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots - Here Comes Mr Suck
Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots - Coca Cola Hammock Station
Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots - Love Theme From Leather Jacuzzi
Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots - P Is For Peg

Allison Crutchfield - Tourist In This Town - Dean's Room
DJ Smoke Weed Guy - DJ Smoke Weed Guy Live On Ice - Rollerblades // POV
Pavilion - Charmed Circle - Borderline
White Poppy - EP - Love Molecules

Women - Our First 100 Days - Group Transport Hall
Omni  - Fever Bass 7" - Fever Bass
Snail Mail - Habit - Thinning
Ty Segall - Ty Segall - Orange Color Queen

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The three members of Lonely Parade join us to discuss 20-minute Devo covers, performing for children, the Orb Guys of Canada, and their cat gets in on the interview with some no-so-radio-friendly language!

We play new music, and some Bandcamp selections in support of the ACLU.

Plus we play these tunes:

The Lonely Parade - No Shade - Window
The Lonely Parade - No Shade - Bro
The Lonely Parade - No Shade - Girl
The Lonely Parade - No Shade - Johnny Utah
The Lonely Parade - No Shade - Chicken Wing
The Lonely Parade - No Shade - No AM
The Lonely Parade - No Shade - Newfoundland

Booji Boys - Booji Boys - Dear Donny
Tacocat - Lost Time - I Hate The Weekend
Century Palm - Miss You - Then You're Gone

Un Deseo De Muerte - Un Deseo De Muerte - Olvida
FZ-10 - Nuevo Demo - Punk Hjarta
Akvan - میراث - میراث

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All music this episode! Including brand new releases, a Jesus and Mary Chain covers set, a set of new Ottawa hardcore, and a set of perfect songs under 2 minutes! We play:

Jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy - Just Like Honey - 3:03
Jesus & Mary Chain - Darklands - April Skies - 4:01
Jesus & Mary Chain - Automatic - Head On - 4:11

Shop Assistants - Flexi - You Trip Me Up
Vacation - Experimental Physics - Snakedriver
Tranzmitors - Busy Singles - Between Planets

Pedestrian - Demo - Sink
Rata Negra - Oido Absoluto - Ratas
Pura Mania - Cerebros Punk - La Peste

Doxx - II - Tofu Slime
Toxic Thoughts - Toxic Thoughts - Trapped
Omerta - Pyromania - Coward

Wire - Pink Flag - Fragile
Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes - Game of Pricks
Wipers - Is This Real? - Mystery

Priests - Nothing Feels Natural - Nothing Feels Natural
Merchandise - A Corpse Wired For Sound - Silence
Slowdive - Single - Star Roving

Uniform - Wake in Fright - Tabloid

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A beloved reoccurring character shows up to help Emmanuel and Travis with the long-lost best-of 2015 episode! Thanks, SLANGY THE CITY SLANG ROBOT!

Includes Mike Krol stalking famous people, Century Palm doing the Gerry Rafferty challenge in a haunted jail, Dilly Dally's top karaoke picks, TV Freaks drinking spicy tequila, Priests' hair care routine, and MORE!


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Please, please, hold your applause! Our year-end spectacular includes hilarious moments featuring SNEAKS, FLASHER, JUICE BOX, DOXX, DAYLIGHT ROBBERY, SIEVEHEAD, POP. 1280, CHANDRA, GUN OUTFIT, PROTOMARTYR, BEN JENSEN, and more!!

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Annie-Claude Deschênes of Montreal's DUCHESS SAYS joins us for a wild conversation! We talk about the food court confessional she started after dressing like a nun, creating art out of insipid corporate products, and she crowd surfed into a concussion!

Plus we play these tunes:

Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles - Inertia
Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles - I Repeat Myself
Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles - Negative Thoughts
Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles - Poubelle
Duchess Says - Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs - C.H.O.B.
Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles - I’m An Idea

Moon Duo - Occult Architecture Vol. 1 - Cold Fear
Purling Hiss - High Bias - 3000 AD
Drahla - digital single - Fictional Decision

Peeling - Rats in Paradise - Wet Nurse
Sad13 - Slugger - Line Up
No Joy - Drool Sucker - A Thorn in Garland's Side

BB Cream - Rose Petal Pie - Rose Petal Pie

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We interview DC post-punk band FLASHER! We discover why they're the richest band in America: rich in deer guts, rich in mocha tapestries, rich in pillow case collections, and so much more. 

Plus we play these tunes:

Flasher - Flasher - All Over
Flasher - Flasher - Love Me
Flasher - Flasher - Destroy
Flasher - Flasher - Make Out
Flasher - Flasher - Erase Myself
Flasher - Flasher - Tense

Homeshake - Nankhatai/Stuck Inside charity single - Nankhatai
Alex Calder - Nankhatai/Stuck Inside charity single - Stuck Inside
Thee Oh Sees - An Odd Entrances - You Will Find It Here

Nash the Slash - Dreams and Nightmares - Moon Curse
Wy - Never Was EP - Hate To Fall Asleep

Ty Segall - Single - Orange Color Queen

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We get some deep dirt from Mish and Kenneth of WHITE LUNG, including Kenneth's prized Furby collection, and how he was prepared to tackle someone for Anne Hathaway! Plus the band's karaoke pet peeves, and Mish spills the beans on Tom Morello's salads!

Plus we play these tracks:

White Lung - It's The Evil - Viva La Rat
White Lung - Sorry - Thick Lip
White Lung - Deep Fantasy - Drown With the Monster
White Lung - Paradise - Dead Weight
White Lung - Paradise - Narcoleptic
White Lung - Paradise - Hungry
White Lung - Paradise - Kiss Me When I Bleed

Marching Church - Telling it Like it Is - Lions Den
The Men  - Devil Music - Lion’s Den
Cheena - Spend the Night With… - Car
Casper Skulls - Lips & Skull EP - Lips and Skull

Chastity - S/T - You're Scary Now
Sonic Avenues - Disconnector - Future
Supermoon - Playland - Witching Hour
New Fries - More - 90 Yr Old Girl

Flasher - S/T - Erase Myself

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Want to know what mopalobby means? Do you need a stringent set of arbitrary punk rules for your band to follow? Does your mom iron your punk patches on your jacket? If the answer to any of those questions is "yes", you need to listen to our interview with Ottawa's DOXX immediately! We cram the band into the back of a car and put them through a revealing dirt session/CITY SLANG questionnaire!

Plus, we play these tunes:

Crack Cloud - Anchoring Point - Image Craft
Bonnie Doon - Pentagon Black Compilation No. 1 - Pants and a Face
Loving - Loving - Forgot Again
SPELL - Single/video - Hair In Your Eyes

Total Bliss - Single - B.I.T.C.H.
Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs & Idiots - Here Comes Mr Suck
Primetime -  Going Places - Anyway
Belgrado - Obraz - Dalej

White Lung - Paradise - Below
Monomyth - Happy Pop Family - Re: Lease Life (Place 2 Go)

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We catch up with UK punks Sievehead for a cultural exchange! We learn about how to living in Sheffield staying drunk on trans-Atlantic flights, and they learn what real poutine is all about! Plus a public apology to one members father, as CITY SLANG's deep research methods reveals some family dirt!

Plus we play these tunes:

We catch up with UK punks Sievehead for a cultural exchange! We learn about how to living in Sheffield staying drunk on trans-Atlantic flights, and they learn what real poutine is all about! Plus a public apology to one members father, as CITY SLANG's deep research methods reveals some family dirt!

Sievehead - Into The Blue - No Grapes
Sievehead - Into The Blue - Look Both Ways
Sievehead - Into The Blue - Hoax
Sievehead - Into The Blue - Try The Mirror
Sievehead - Into The Blue - Last Words

Product of Reason - Household Shocks - Active Repetition
One Gang Logic - Household Shocks - Playtime
Juveniles - Household Shocks - Another Kind of Guy

Homebody - Better Use of Leisure Time - Natural Violence
Phern - Cool Coma - Pebble
The Submissives - Do You Really Love Me? - Tell Me Why

Xarah Dion - Fugitive - Le dédale
Homeshake - Fresh Air - Call Me Up - 2:29

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The best goofs, gaffes, and oddball interview bits that hit the cutting room floor presented to you in their full unnecessary glory!

Thrill to our compilation of civilian interruptions, tales of alternative rock house guests, historic esoterica from post-punk luminaries, and bizarre philosophizing about highway horses!

Plus, we play these tunes:

Tough Age - I Get The Feeling Central - Snakes & Ladders
Rhythm Of Cruelty - Saturating - Day In, Day Out
Unblonde - Good Will Come To You - Staying in Line
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect - The Devil in His Youth
Century Palm - S/T - Desire

Flasher - Flasher - Tense
Priests - Nothing Feels Natural - JJ
Post Pink - I Believe You, Ok - Take Me
Cigarette - Warm Shadows 7” - Warm Shadows

Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles - Negative Thoughts - 6:30 - CC
Sievehead - 7” - Try The Mirror (Pure Gold mix) - 6:52

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Live, all-vinyl, funding drive episode from The Record Centre!


Hawkwind - Single - Silver Machine
Bauhaus - Single - Dark Entries

Our Daughter's Wedding- Single - Lawnchairs
Delta 5 - Single - Mind Your Own Business

Siouxie & the Banshees - Single - Happy House
Depeche Mode - Single - Shake The Disease
Devo - Single - Are U X-Perienced?

The Tourists - Single - I Only Want To Be With You
Lori and the Chameleons - Single - Touch

Joy Division - Single - These Days
TV Smith's Explorers - Single - The Perfect Life

The Jam - Single - Strange Town
The Undertones - Single - You've Got My Number

X-Ray Spex - Single - Oh Bondage Up Yours!
The Stranglers - Single - (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)

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Welcome to CITY SLANG: At the Gallery, a fine arts and culture show hosted by Emmanuel and Travis (not affiliated with Emmanuel and Travis of CITY SLANG).

This week, illustrator Ben Jensen and photographer Imogen Reid join us live from the opening of their art show opening at the Ottawa Art Gallery!

We discuss skeleton skateboarders, the Hieronymus Bosch of punk photos, and take a tour of the new exhibit.

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We've been around the world this summer. Now that CITY SLANG is back home, we decided to spotlight some of our favourite local music from the year.

We play:

Average Times - S/T - Dirty Laundry
BB Cream - S/T - Do U Wanna
Creep Wave - Winter Sucks - Cat Call
Bonnie Doon - Single - Now or Neverish
Expandafuzz - Bleuets - The Disco Sounds of Roof Rack

Piith - Sweet Sweet Morning - Sunrise
Heavy Bedroom - Heavy Bedroom/King’s Quest split - Soft Pillow of Doubt
Heron's Wake - Phantom - Beast

Doxx - S/T - Slimer
Steve Adamyk Band - Graceland - Carry On
Warp Lines - Demo - Waited Long Enough
The Heavy Medicine Band - Conduit - Sleep Light

Telecomo - Promo EP - Around
Elementals - I’m Not Here, I’m Not Real - Debase
The Yips - Got Power/Want Some - Saturn Devours His Young

Ruth Grader - Forms EP - 904


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This week on the show, we fend off late-night hooligans to talk to the great YVES JARVIS! (formerly Un Blonde)

Otherwise known as Jean-Sebastien Audet, we learn the wisdom of watching and learning from reality shows, the psychological zen of Kanye West, and the long-term harm of living under the stairs.

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This week we catch up with JAY ARNER and JESSICA DELISLE of Jay Arner, Energy Slime, Retail Nightmares, and more! We discuss soundtracking Metal Gear Solid, turning down corporate sugar beverage Slurpee, the cosmic vibes of the grand canyon, and a snafu at a Blim Blorton's!

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This week on the show, we put SNEAKS and Ottawa's own PIPPA through the CITY SLANG questionnaire!

Sneaks shares the greatest first rock show in CITY SLANG history, and we get to the bottom of what exactly makes a swear word. Then learn about Pippa's dangerous Simpsons-themed Halloween costume, cosmic thrift-store finds, Avril Lavigne deep-cuts, and more.

Plus we play these tunes:

Sneaks - Gymnastics - XTY
Sneaks - Gymnastics - Tough Luck
Sneaks - Gymnastics - New Taste
Sneaks - Gymnastics - True Killer
Sneaks - Gymnastics - Red
Sneaks - Gymnastics - Down in the Woods
Sneaks - Gymnastics - No Problem

Wet Brain - Not Sorry - Waitress
Wingdam - Glow Ahead - How To Swim
Ami Dang - Uni Sun - Sublimate
Moss of Aura - We'll All Collide - Wheels

Pippa - Single - Blue Temple
Pippa - Single - Callin’ In

Angry Angles - Angry Angles - Crowds
Martha - Blisters In the Pit of My Heart - Precarious (The Supermarket Song)
Earth Girls - Wanderlust LP - I Thought You Knew

Yung - A Youthful Dream - A Youthful Dream
Sheila Beach - Walk Home - Wally M
Vivien Goldman - Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982) - Launderette

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We're back from summer vacation with a doozy of an episode!

In this double-stuffed episode, we catch up with THE DREARIES and PLASMALAB during the Ottawa Explosion festival!

Learn the most famous people Plasmalab have partied with--including Carrot Top and a close encounter with Chris Brown--and how best to sleep in an American Apparel stock room!

Plus, the Drearies give advice on starting (and avoiding) fights and share the most early 2000's Canadian concert ever!

We play these songs:

Plasmalab - Demo - Blackout
Plasmalab - Demo - Vancab
Plasmalab - Demo - Machine Mirror
Plasmalab - Demo - Stalker
Plasmalab - Demo - Nighttime USA

Towanda - Plaything - Judge Me
Notekillers - Songs and James Vol. 1 - Missilebones
The World - Managerial Materia

The Drearies - Eugene - Not That Bad
The Drearies - Eugene - Daniel Desario
The Drearies - Eugene - Guess Not
The Drearies - Eugene - Potato Man
The Drearies - Eugene - Scooter Gang
The Drearies - Eugene - Ghost Song

Angel Olsen - My Woman - Not Gonna Kill You
Diet Cig - 7” - Sleep Talk

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This week, we interview LA band GUN OUTFIT! We talk about the delicate art of dealing with kids at art galleries, the unglamorous life of a Hollywood extra, and the best driving music!

Plus, the band picks a set of sun-drenched classics!


We play these tunes:

Gun Outfit - Winner’s Circle - Another Lifeform

Gun Outfit - Winner’s Circle - Last Light

Gun Outfit - Winner’s Circle - Pleasure Seeker

Gun Outfit - Dim Light - Work Experience

Gun Outfit - Dim Light - Troubles Like Mine

Gun Outfit - Dim Light - Guilt and Regret

Gun Outfit - Winner’s Circle - The Party in Context


JJ Cale - You Got Something

Linda Hargrove - All Alone in Austin

Silly Sisters - Silver Whistle

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This week on the show, we interviewed Joe Casey, frontman of vicious Detroit post-punk band Protomartyr. We talk about the worst hypnotists, the best bad-movie-based pinball games, bathroom strategies on tour, and the one job where he could have been easily replaced by a block of wood. 
Plus we play these tunes
Protomartyr - Under Colour of Official Right - Scum, Rise!
Protomartyr - 7” - The Milk Drinkers
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect - The Devil in his Youth
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect - Cowards Starve
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect - Pontiac 87
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect - Why Does It Shake?
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect - Uncle Mother’s

Crack Cloud - Crack Cloud (cassette, EP) - Drab Measure
Nothing - Guilty of Everything - Endlessly
Brave Radar - Lion Head - Moves in Time

Lab Coast - Remember the Moon - Bored Again
Peach Kelli Pop - Halloween Mask 7” - Halloween Mask
Traditional Fools - Fools Gold - Standing in Front of Poseur

Rhythm of Cruelty - Saturated - Day In, Day Out
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Automatic - Between Planets
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This week on the show, we interview Jarrad of bubblegum punk band TOUGH AGE! Jarrad gives listeners a primer on post-modern SNES game Earthbound, a passionate defense of Disneyland, and names the many movies Tough Age posters have showed up in! Hint: the movies have featured Sylvester Stallone and Larry the Cable guy.

Plus, we play these tunes:

Tough Age - Tough Age - Sea of White
Tough Age - I Get The Feeling Central - Flamenco Wiccan
Tough Age - Single - Ooh Aah Oh Wow
Tough Age - I Get The Feeling Central - Snakes and Ladders
Tough Age - I Get The Feeling Central - New Orleans Square
Tough Age - Tough Age - The Heart of Juliet Jones

Flasher - Flasher cassette - Erase Myself
White Lung - Paradise - Kiss Me When I Bleed
Doxx - Doxx - Baby Doomer
Pink Wash - Your Cure Your Soil - So Long

Hooded Fang - Venus on Edge - Tunnel Vision
Black Mountain - IV - Florian Saucer Attack
Lust For Youth - Compassion - Limerence

Direct download: CITY_SLANG_-_EP_126_TOUGH_AGE1.mp3
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